7 Unique Writer Gifts Designed to Unleash Ink-spiration

7 Unique Writer Gifts Designed to Unleash Ink-spiration

Sometimes, even the most masterful word wizards and literary lovers need a bit of encouragement. Whether you’re trying to support a friend who’s trying to hit their daily 1,667 daily words for NaNoWriMo, a significant other struggling to finish their short story, or a colleague who has their eyes set on publishing a novel, here are seven gifts for writers that’ll encourage them to pick up that pen. 

The “Go Forth and Write” Sticker Pack - $7.25

Go forth and write sticker pack

Picture this: motivational writer encouragement messages sprinkled all over your loved one’s laptop or notebook. With the option to choose between five and ten durable stickers in either a cursive or typewriter font, they’re guaranteed to feel inspired every time they put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard.

Synonyms Mug - $14.40

Synonyms mug

Still drinking coffee out of a chipped plain mug? This 12-oz ceramic mug is not only the perfect vessel for that morning buzz, but it also reminds every writer that there are better words than “said” or “went” to use in their writing. It's not just a mug; it's a lexical adventure!

Writer Scribbles Notepad - $8.75

writer scribbles notepad

Every writer knows that ideas can strike at the most unexpected moments. But fear not — this "Writer Scribbles" notepad is here to the rescue. Keep this unique and perfectly-sized notepad handy for those brilliant flashes of insight. 

“It’s a Good Day to Write” Keychain - $7.25

It's a good day to write keychain

If you're a fan of cute keychains (and who isn't?), the "It's a Good Day to Write" keychain is a must-have! Clip it to your bag or car keys — wherever your writer gift recipient goes, it'll remind them that today is a good day to unleash their literary prowess.

“Write On” Notebook - $16.25

Write on notebook

What's a writer without their trusty notebook? The "Write On" notebook is here to accompany you on all your creative escapades. With a faux leather cover and handy elastic closure, it's compact, stylish, and perfect for penning your thoughts, stories, or even doodles during those not-so-productive moments.

Em Dash Shortcut Sticker - $3.50

em dash shortcut sticker

Oh, the notorious em dash! If you’re still copying and pasting em dashes from random documents, you’re in luck: this "Em Dash Shortcut" sticker is here to save the day when you’re like, “Which one is it, ‘command’ or ‘control’?” 

Simply slap this sticker on your keyboard, and you’ll never be caught fumbling for that elusive punctuation mark again.

The “Storyteller’s Essentials” Writer Gift Box - $32.99

the storyteller essentials gift box

Ready to shower your writer friends and family with love? Inside this treasure trove, you'll find a botanical candle that smells of crisp new books, stickers to adorn their writing space, a mug to keep those creative juices flowing, tea bags to fuel those late-night writing sessions, and a keychain to remind them that they hold the keys to their “#1 New York Times Bestselling Author” future. 


So, there you have it — eight writer gifts that’ll make every writing session feel more like a delightful adventure rather than an insurmountable task. Happy writing and gifting! 

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